Thursday, September 23, 2010

Streaking for Everyone!

There is only one reason why I think streaking should never be legal, and it’s not because of indecent exposure. On the contrary, I applaud such things as nude beaches.

I am against streaking because it would not be good for the economy. If people stopped wearing clothes stores would go out of business, families would go hungry, and fashion would be a lost art.      

However, it is only the bounds of culture that keep minds shut off from such an idea.



  1. Ahahaa, no. The idea of clothing and making everyone's private parts forbidden was too genius to get rid of. It creates all these obnoxious games and hoops and rules and things that fill life up with spice and entertainment. Why should it be as easy as boy meets girl? Nah, let's make it interesting. Let's make it about fashion and baseball.

  2. Umm...I hope you're being sarcastic about the applauding nude beaches comment. :P

  3. J.M. Clothes are totally over-rated. Oh, and I suppose clothes are the soul of fashion, but they aren't really needed for baseball... ;)

    MissEmy: :)

    Ben: I hear there's one around Portland (it's a hot-spot for tourists...I guess tracking down places with free wifi get's old after a while) you should go check it out sometime. XD

  4. Ahahaa, I'm not saying I'm an advocate for fashion (although I do love me a good stiletto sale (I'm kidding, stilettos are bad for your posture)), I WOULD appreciate the opportunity that clothing brings to relationships to establish a nice push/pull dynamic; not to mention providing means to turn the sexual tension up enough to compete with the stimulation of television. Not to mention the opportunity to diversely peacock in a world literally filled with beautiful people with awesome personalities. : )