Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is Single Over-Rated?

I got pulled over by a cop the other day. He didn’t like the way I pulled out in front of him. It was just a little too close. Was it illegal? No. Did I actually do anything wrong? No. That classifies the cop as an effing idiot in my mind. I wanted to shoot him then and there. Really? Well, at least his tires. I'd leave the shooting for someone else.

I’m told I might just have issues with authority.

I love being single. I look it as blessed freedom. For example, I spend my Friday nights going to dance parties at my studio and I love that there’s no one to ask if per chance I want to do something different…because I don’t.

To say the least, it would cramp my style. But yesterday someone popped the question, is freedom worth the lack of companionship? I don't know. Despite the fact humans were built for companionship I have doubts my need for it runs very deep. Hence, I’ve chosen my schoolbooks and other things over possible relationships in the past.

I’m still quite infatuated with the possibilities being single can lead to, but I will have to ponder on the other side for a while.  

Nothing beats hanging out with awesome people, and last weekend I had the opportunity to see a symphony in Seattle with these awesome people. I now know that the guy that stands up there waving his stick around actually has a purpose. Thank goodness for musically talented people to explain these things.

My body doesn’t like too much caffeine. It let me know that I was over-stepping my boundaries when I started getting weird muscle cramping in my neck. It also lowers a person’s ability to handle stress, which could lead to depression, which I suppose could lead to suicide. Who would’ve thought.


Monday, November 1, 2010

My Halloween

On Halloween night I was doing non other than watching tv with my sister. Here’s the thing about living in the country: no one really goes trick or treating. If they do then they hop over to the nearest city where their Costumes will actually be seeing by neighbors. So needless to say, when a knock came on the door and the little innocent voices of “Trick or treat!” were said at the door, my sister and I both stared at each other with “Uhhhh” looks.

We were lazy. We hadn’t picked up any candy.

The doorbell rang.

“I feel horrible!” My sister said. “We’re ignoring children.”

The blinds were down, all but one light was off, maybe they could tell people were inside, but maybe not.

“Trick or treat!”

I crouched down on the couch. It just made me feel better to do that. Not that I could’ve been seeing anyway.

"They don't know we're ignoring them," I said, "We could be busy. You could be in the shower and I could have my ipod in."

I don't think that made her feel any better, but they eventually went away.

Here’s the thing. I once spent Halloween in the city where I was told, “Here’s the candy because children love to come trick or treating.” I thought, oh, that’s cool. But the city went dead early on. Like what the heck. And no one was out trick or treating. Good thing I didn’t schedule my night around that.

So, in all respects, I really wouldn’t have had any reason to believe in a country neighborhood where there are like no kids that we would get the only kids knocking on our door.

So there you have it. My 2010 Halloween. I ignored the pleas of innocent children, asking for a trick or treat.

I did go to my dance party. And I dressed up as a flapper girl. My brother went as the devil. And here we are, posing for the camera.