Monday, September 27, 2010

Honesty is a Virtue. Detecting a Liar is A Skill.

I like being able to know when people are lying to me. It's helpful.

How a woman is most likely to lie.

Man: Why were you late?

Woman: Oh, well you know how Judy is, I couldn’t get out the door she kept on talking her lipstick off. It’s probably for the better, isn’t that red color awful on her? Then traffic was a mess. I swear we slowed down to 25 mph on the highway!”

How a man is typically going to lie.

Woman: Why were you late?

Man: Lost track of time.

A woman will cover up a lie with detail. A man gives one liners.

Also, remember:

1. Hear No Evil.
2. See No Evil.
3 Speak No Evil.

People tend to touch these places in some way when they are lying.

Now, they might be more apt to look you in the eye because they know it will be their reaction to want to look away. This one depends on how smart of a person you’re dealing with.

If they touch their nose, as was observed in the Lewinsky Scandal  with Bill Clinton years later, it is a sign they are lying. Tried and true. Mafia is a great one for this too.

Apparently, they will also look towards their ears if repeating a lie someone told them to say. I have experienced this one a couple of times. It’s pretty cool when you know not to accept someone’s answer because they gave themselves away.

Now here’s the real kicker, if you are an attractive person people believe you more than an unattractive person. So, if you’re ugly, don’t take it personally when people don’t believe you.



  1. oy. Someone may think I'm lying all the time :O Detail is my middle name. ;) Good post, girly!

  2. Reading up on body language, aye? Way to make a person feel uncomfortable. :P

    I've ordered the book, The Secret Language of Business: How to Read People in 3 Seconds or Less. He he, another post-degree project. :)

    Great post!

  3. Well, they do say if you want to make someone feel uneasy, start telling them about their body language :D

    Tell me if the book is to your satisfaction! It might just have to go on my reading list. 3 Seconds or less...that would be so cool. ;)

  4. Emily: Haha, at least we all know what an honest soul you really I was once upon a time going to write a manual that went along with your character of "do's and dont's and this means this...etc..." and sell it for $100 ea. copy for every man that came along that wanted to understand you in the slightest. I think I still should do it!

  5. The book just came in today. :) Ooh, it says that guys who walk with a little swagger are 50% more attractive. Hmm... *practices his swagger* :D

  6. I was right: there is a science to studliness! :D

  7. Aww, Ben, you're such a natural, you don't need to practice anything! I'm finding there seems to be a science to everything! I can't keep up! lol, why isn't there a CLEP for this kind of stuff? It would be so fun. The questions would be like: So and so is starting to swagger when he walks...this is a sign of...

    Too bad! :)

  8. Aww, I'm touched. *tilts his fedora forward* :)

    There IS a science to everything, and that's what makes the scientific method soooo intriguing! :)

    I'm glad there isn't a CLEP on the subject. Nothing kills the intrigue of a topic more than having to prepare for a test. :P