Thursday, September 9, 2010

All You Glossed Up

There is a group of people, scattered around the world that live in this bubble (if you’re part of this group then yes, I’m talking about you) that resembles Candy Land. They have class, they have brains, and they have beauty, but what they lack in is empathy----the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

A girl sleeps around. She gets labeled as a slut. And that’s where it ends.

Women were built to feel the need to be loved and adored. If they are not getting that in some form then they will go and find it. If their relationship is lacking with God then you can’t tell them to, “Let God fill that space,” because it isn’t going to work.

They’re going to go to the boy next door because he promises to fill that need. And he’s going to fill it now. Immediate gratification. This doesn’t make them a bad person. It doesn’t justify the action either.

But as Christians we understand that we have something better. We have God and that trumps the activities we might engage in. In fact, God satisfies us so much we don’t even really think about anything else drastic.

Now, it can be hard enough when you are a Christian and you’re in the “know”, but just think how hard it is for someone who isn’t. No duh they find sex, drugs, cutting their wrists an attractive way to go.

Speaking of cutting your wrists, it is often motivated by a feeling of self-worthlessness, guilt, relief from emotional pain…however, some do it for fun. I once met a girl who did it for fun. I think I just stared at her when she said it, thinking to myself, “Now that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” I didn’t know why someone would do that for fun. I still don’t know why.

Despite the fact that I can’t understand that or many other things doesn’t mean that there isn’t a reason and that they don’t feel whatever it is that’s inspiring them to do whatever it is they’re doing.

Important Note: Bats are responsible for pollinating your tequila. So the next time you find you and tequila getting tight, remember to thank those bats.


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  1. Excellent points, Lee!! I suppose we should assume we never understand and try TO understand instead. :)