Saturday, September 4, 2010

And Eve’s Eyes Were Opened

I was driving in the rain the other day and experiencing hydroplaning to a higher degree for the first time. I find it easier to give sound effects when in moments like these, so saying things like, “Oh my!” or screaming is not a sign of an occurring problem; it is simply me expressing myself. But when I realized I might be scaring my passenger beside me I decided it probably wasn’t a good idea.

Actually, my sister Sierra was handling it with a surprising amount of ease.

I’ve also decided that since I started driving I have become more paranoid than I used to be. I think it’s because I suddenly realize that it does in fact take time to stop the car, once brake pressure has been applied, and that things happen quickly on the road and you don’t always have time to react. Knowledge is wonderful, but there was something nice about being ignorant. Like Eve before she ate the fruit.    

Talking about fruit, my other sister once pinned a bunch of fig leaves to her clothes (completely brilliant idea) for a Halloween party at AWANA (for all of you who don’t know what that is…it’s okay. It’s not detrimental) and came as Eve. I wanted to come as David, dancing before the Lord, but I couldn’t find a linen ephod.


P.S. My mom has an imaginary brake on her side of the car. I think I might have one too, depending on how oblivious to the road you seem.


  1. Sierra really is amazing. A girl who can drive with so many crazy drivers and still want to come along for the ride. It probably has something to do with the "end goal" of coffee.

    Lee, I'm kinda sorta glad I was not with you during the hydroplaning episode. ;)

  2. Yes! She is amazing! I'm surprised she doesn't have a strand of white hair yet. LOL, well, you would have made it more entertaining.

  3. LOl ummm thank GOD I DONT HAVE A STRAND OF WHITE HAIR!!! >.< I am comfortable with you leanne when it comes to driving cause I know that I am your sister and you would never kill me. (>^_^)><(^_^<)
    LOL linen ephod!Love it </3

  4. lol, yes, it's a good thing you have no white hair. And I'm glad you're comfortable with my driving!
    Hehe, you got it! ;)