Monday, September 6, 2010

I Want to Watch You Sleep at Night

I am officially 19 years old today, which means three things. First, I have no health insurance now. Second, I can no longer fly for free on Horizon airlines. Third, despite all that I welcome the age.  

According to recent studies, your sleep position correlates to your character. How incriminating.

Here they are all summed up:

1. Curled up

Tough on the outside but not as tough on the inside as one would think.

2. On Your Side, Arms down.

You’re social, easy going, trusting…maybe a little too trusting

3. On Your Side, Arms Out.

Open-minded, negative, cynical, and stubborn. The worst one to have to deal with.

4. On Your Back

Introverted type character. High self directed morals.

5. On Your Stomach, Arms Under or Wrapped Around Head or Pillow

You are the extroverted personality, but don’t like to be critiqued.

6. On Your Stomach, Arms Up

 Good listeners, helpful, and are uncomfortable being the center of attention.

You most likely will think that you are a combination of all of them, but you’re not. And this is simply a documented trend. Just because you sleep on your back doesn’t mean you have high standards, so don’t get offended if the collected data is off and you complain because you instead have no morals. I personally, would never take the liberty to put a halo on your head and deem you a good person.  

And don’t be surprised if you wake up and find me hovering above you, taking notes on the way you sleep…


P.S. All viewers present are more than welcome to FB me and tell me where you live.


  1. I have no idea which would be mine! I'll have to start paying attention. I give you leave to take liberty and put that halo above MY head- I know I am totally a good person. ;) ;)

    Happy Birthday, Leanne!! :D

  2. I switch between curled up and on my back. If you combine the two--Makes some sense, I think. Thanks!

  3. MissEmy: Well, I'll be honest, I already took the liberty and labeled you a good person :)

    Fickle: Yes, it does make sense! I'm finding people tend to be a combination of two. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I sleep on my back 99.9% of the time (not kidding). I'm probably so used to my moral standards that I don't think about them anymore. Hmm.... I suppose I'll have to ask someone who knows me really well how high he thinks my standards are.

  5. Lucille, every now and then I fall asleep on my back (when all other positions aren't helping) but I must say I probably sleep curled up most of the time. Hehe, I'm sure that's it and you'll pass with flying colors if you ask someone about your standards.

  6. I ALWAYS sleep in position #5, but...umm...I'll let you be the judge of the description. :P

  7. LOL, Ben, hmmm...yeah, that's totally you ;)