Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sometimes two is not better than one

To be heard, to be understood, is alluring and sweet, but the offer of clarity from the broken is not possible. It doesn’t exist, only a complicated mess of rules from lessons learned. So feel when it promises to come back and for all the stupidity in the world, give it grace. There is no apology, only the perception of my ability and its limited use. Words loose their meaning, and numbness is beautiful. You were right to question the depth, but I couldn’t hear you anymore. To give so much when you have so little to give too is a shame, and could not be returned, but I am not sorry. Love is broken when given from broken people and perfection can not be anything more than a product of the imagination. If you wanted the perfect friend you should have gone to God…If you wanted love you should have gone to God. If you wanted someone to hold you up without stumbling, you should have gone to Him too.

After all, everyone else is only human.