Sunday, October 3, 2010

If You Think Kissing Tells You Something

I think I should be allowed to drink at my delicate age of 19. Why? Because I look so good holding a wine glass. have a dirty mind depending on what comes to your mind when I you want a cup? Yes. You already have two...yeah, someone said that to me. Did I get it right away? You'll never know! Haha.

Apparently, a chemical is released in your brain when you kiss someone that makes you feel like you're in love (the one that is released during exercise...heart beating faster, breathing becoming deep and irregular). So sorry to break it to you sweethearts, but that had nothing to do with love. Let me spell it out for you honey...never mind, that would take too long.

I could also go into how your pupils become dilated in dim light, which makes you look friendlier, sexier, warmer, and inviting (why do you think people look better in sunglasses? Correct), so when you are having a candlelight dinner with your sexy date and they say, "I feel like we're sharing an intimate moment when I look into your eyes." You can say, "Oh no we're not, it's just that the pupils in my eyes are dilated and it's making you think this is an intimate moment."

My mom says it's not that unromantic.

I will close this post before I shatter more romantic illusions.

Then again...sorry, can't help it. We subconsciously read each other's body language, taking in more info than we probably realize and so when a girl says she can't believe how well she got along with this new wow! it just means they subconsciously understood each other's body language. Nothing magical happened.

Okay, all done. For realze.


P.S. This post was inspired by amp. I don't know how it got my neurotransmitters working so well, and I'm too tired to care.  

P.S.S. Let's groove tonight, share the spice of life, baby slice it right, we're gonna groove tonight...


  1. Here here to the drinking!! ;) I suppose amp in a wine glass will have to suffice at the moment. And my goodness, girlie! I can't imagine who would have said that thing to you!

  2. hahaha this cracked me up..."Oh no we're not, it's just that the pupils in my eyes are dilated and it's making you think this is an intimate moment."

    I watched a show about this once and it was fascinating! All these scientific things that happen when people thing they're in love or that cause people to think they're in love. So interesting!

  3. Dear Leanne,

    Hahahahha, ahha, ahahahaaa, ahhaa


    P.S. You almost forgot when you talked about kissing all that pesky testosterone that gets transferred from the man’s mouth to the woman’s. That can’t help matters. Unless that’s EXACTLY what it does. ;)

  4. MissEmy: Yes, it will have to do for now. I'll have to plan a trip to Europe, I guess. :D

    Laura: I know! It can be so interesting!!! Like you just sit back and say, what the heck! That is so weird.

    J.M.: I can see we have an expert in the field. ;) Testosterone can trigger a womens sex drive...but you probably already knew that.

    A genius? Well, if you said it then I guess it must be true.

  5. You're beginning to sound like a behaviorist. *gasp* ;)

  6. Hehe, Ben, to think I'm actually in favor of the cognitive point of view! XD

  7. Just remember there are elements other than chemical reactions involved . :P