Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Touch You Once, I Touch You Twice

If I were to explain my absence I would say that it was because I was cramming for a test and had to put all mental energy into that, but I wont because that would just sound like a lame excuse. I am now a happy senior though.

My exam was on Marketing and it was a nice reminder of why I decided to go for an English degree.

Just to let all the women know, if you like a man but for whatever reason don't want him to know, there are a couple things you should avoid doing. These are subconscious things we start doing.

Run your hands through your hair

Lick your lips

Touch him...not like that but like that, get it? Usually on the hand, shoulder, or thigh when talking to him. And no, the thoughts going through your head are not, "Ooo, I'm touching him."  

Smile more

Tilt your, it's not because you're listening to him more.

The rest of the facts are not as interesting. 

Why do I know this? Because ages ago (yes, 19 allows me to have a past that represents ages ago) I knew this man and came home one night and thought, I wonder if I do anything that would make him think I like him. To my shock I was doing everything listed. "Oh my gosh!" Yep, those were my thoughts. I had no idea there was a correlation. To think, I thought I was just being me.

Good news was, this man was not really all that in-tuned with such aspects of human nature.  

My little brother is funny. He walks into the room and in a girly voice says, "Do these jeans make my butt look big?"

Another time, I will list what men do.


  1. Looking forward to the post about what the DUDEs do!! However, that being said... whenever I'm in a situation that I'm somewhat off my kilter... I will lick my lips because they suddenly become dry! And it has nothing to do with liking/not caring about the person I'm around! :) But the hair thing, haha, oh yes.

  2. Emy: Excellent point! I suppose it's good there's room to move with these interpretations b/c if there wasn't then every time you did something like lick your lips you would be thinking, oh no, now he thinks I like him! XD

  3. I think it usually takes more than one gesture to communicate a message.

    What is it with girls and the head-tilting thing? It's almost like smiling is psychological trigger mechanism. I greet a girl, she'll smile, and immediately the head tilts. What's with that? Seems like a crick in the neck to me. :P

  4. So true, Ben! They say she should be doing most of these things...which due to my conservative view points I did not put the rest down ;)

    Haha!! Or maybe they are all attracted to you! I tilt my head a little but usually it's a lot more of a tilt if I like the man.