Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh to Understand the World of Men

A couple weeks ago I sat in Starbucks, doing my school work, when a man stopped to make an observation. In the course of the conversation, I learned he was a bit of a fascinating fellow, who within five minutes was telling me that he knew I was the type of person who did not like this or that….and the fascinating part was that he was accurate. Afterwards, he asked if I’d be interested in meeting for coffee sometime. Strangers are like a book yet to be read so of course I said yes.

I did meet him again. We really had nothing in common but we talked about ways to invest in real estate, school (he’d gotten his bachelors already), job interviews, contentment vs happiness, etc…he was very liberal, to say the least. So between working full time, having school full time, and squeezing in a hobby on the side I really wasn’t dying to meet up again in the next day or so.

The story ends with me not getting back to him within 1.5 days (hello, some of us have a life) and him writing me a letter telling me how evil I was.

What I don’t understand is if you take the time to explain the whys and whatnot they get upset. When you don’t explain to someone they still get upset. So, apparently, you can’t win. A great portion of the male population is too focused on their egos to think logically and be a little mature in times like this.

Originally, I was thinking that if you were going to date/hang out with someone with the pretense of simply getting to know each other (a big IF for those of us who really don’t like the whole dating feeling…) then you should choose a stranger. But now, I’m beginning to see why I’ve been content to focus on my schoolwork for the past two years. I surely wasn’t missing out on anything. Men are complicated creatures.



  1. Ah, life. This one made me laugh a lot. Mostly because I've been enjoying the same sort of blithe-ful respite from interactions with men for a while, and I feel like I am now allowed to be snooty about them because I'm unattached, lol.

  2. Yep, I'd definitely choose schoolwork over men, lol. :)

  3. Pshhh, Leanne, I think your view of men is skewed due to the fact that you live in such an incredibly liberal area. ;) Check out the south where things are much simpler on both sides.

  4. Hannah: Oh my, you have my sympathies! Hehe, I like that...I think I shall consider myself allowed to be snooty about them too, LOL. :)

    Lucille: My blog is being nice to you and letting you comment! XD Yay! Yeah, I'm always happier with the less drama schoolwork creates for me.

    Matthew: Aww, yes, the South has the reputation for being more easy going. I should make my way down there sometime, :) I'd like to think my view is skewed b/c if it's looks a wee bit more bleak, lol.

  5. Oh yes Leanne, you are quite right with the ''ego'' part of it. (and the rest of course ;) ) but yes- I've dealt with a few like that and it's like PLEASE -GROW UP!- Life does not revolve around you. :P

  6. Emy: Totally agree! GROW UP! Life is life! XD

  7. What a WEIRDO! You were brave enough to go on a first date with him. Was he at least cute?