Saturday, January 1, 2011

From champagne to Pretty Dresses to Drunk Lesbians…Hello 2011!

I anticipated a quiet evening at home doing nothing for my New Year’s Eve. I know, I’m getting old before my time. I went to a dance at my studio the day before and found the person I related to the most was an older man who planned on spending it with his dogs. I hope those are some nice dogs…coming from a person who doesn't really like cats and dogs. :P But during this party I won a free ticket to a New Year’s event at a hotel. Way cool, as I would never have spent the money on it myself.

I met other people from my studio there and we soon found our tables. As luck would have it I sat next to a man who remembered what it was like to be 19. “Look,” I said, “They gave me tickets for two free drinks. Do you think I could use them?” His answer was you never know till you try. I didn’t have to though. Shall I say more? Nah. My mom might read this, lol.

 The dance floor was incredibly small and crowded. It was fun not to have to think about executing steps in perfect fashion and dance frame for a night. It’s freedom to break every rule. You don’t even need a partner if you don’t want one. And if you do have one, the best part is getting them to dance in a more freestyle way than they are doing.

Their live band had a saxophone player. That really is one of the best instruments. And of course they also had a pretty lady singer, who made everyone look better.

Ironically, the last time I was at this hotel it was for a Pentecostal Revival with some friends. Now we’re hopping around on the dance floor. Same room and everything.

It was after we welcomed in the New Year, screamed as the balloons came falling down and continued dancing into the night (I know, technically, it would be morning, but that doesn’t sound right) that I was greeted by a giggling pretty girl who used her high alcohol level to join my dance space. She was fun, though slightly out of control, until I came to the conclusion that she was not simply drunk, but probably a lesbian as well. Suffice to say I took her hands and changed the “dance.”

Note to idiot men who take pictures of women dancing together: you’re idiots.

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone!



  1. Haha, I tend to look forward to quiet evenings, although they are not very often at my house. When I get the chance to experience such an evening I welcome it with open arms!

    Oh my goodness that sounds like that would be extremely fun and considering you were able to obtain the tickets for free that would make it even more fabulous! Although the whole part of a drunk lesbian probably wasn't the best way to end such a night. Oh well it will probably be a New Year's Eve party that you will always remember.


  2. This sounds like a fun New Year's experience :) Always good to do something different, right? HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

  3. oh fun fun! Live music always makes things enjoyable and free style dancing is the only stuff i can sorta do. ;) Look forward to 2011!! :D

  4. Makayla: I could imagine quiet evenings would be hard to come by for you! LOL, your brothers always seem to have plenty of energy. :D Hehe, yes it was fun and it will be impossible to forget!

    Julia: Totally, I think I should do more different things instead of the same ol' same. Thanks! 2011 will be interesting. :)

    MissEmy: Free style dancing is talent so consider yourself among the talented XD